Safe with us

Our mission is to ensure that your dogs have a great day, while also being engaged. Safety and appropriate play is our number one priority and focus. Daycare guests are matched with compatible play partners and receive constant supervision. Our open fields promise loads of fun, socialization, and plenty to explore. We choose our daycare dogs carefully to ensure an environment that will be fun, help develop healthy social skills and of course provide much needed exercise. You’re welcome to bring along meals/snacks and we can administer any medications if necessary. Come play with us!

Space is limited, please book in advance!



We consider on each dog’s individual needs and focus on appropriate play. We can accommodate social dogs who enjoy a buddy and guests that prefer one on one human interaction. All boarding activities are customized to suit your dogs needs!

Indoor Activities

Mental stimulation is an important factor in our canine’s wellbeing. We provide that with activities such as brain games, kong stuffing and puzzles.

meal time

Feeding as per your usual schedule (food provided by you). We can accommodate raw feeders and those who have special diets also. Administering meds by qualified veterinary assistant can be offered if needed and as directed.


Leash walks and hikes to the local parks and other interesting sights for extended stay guests at no extra cost (30 days and over). This service is also available as an add on for our regular guests.